1.  The Punjab Press Club of Jalandhar is established for the purpose expressed in the Memorandum of Association and shall be governed by the Governing Council constituted in accordance with the provisions of rules of the Punjab Press Club.


2.  MEMBERS:   

Every person shall be deemed to have become a member of the Club who abide by the rules and regulations of the Club and Shall have applied in the prescribed form of membership and shall have paid his admission fee initial subscription after his enrolment as a member. The Governing Council or any committee appointed by it shall have the right to screen all candidates before granting them Club membership.

There shall be following catergories of members:-


a)  Regular Members: Working Journalists shall be the regular members. Working Journalists mean an employee whose Principal Avocation is that of Journalism and who is employed as such in, or in relation to, any newspaper establishment and included an Editor, a leader writer, News Editor, Deputy News Editor, Chief Sub-Editor, Feature Writer, Reporter, Correspondent, Cartoonist, Artist, News Photographer and Proof Reader. (Note: Newspaper include News Agencies.)

In addition, news editor, chief sub-editor, sub-editor and staff correspondents or AIR. Doordarshan and electronic media accredited with central/state governments will be the Regular Members.

The journalists who are employed on contract basis by news papers are also eligible to become members of the Club.

A Regular Member will continue to be a Regular Member even if he retires from active journalism of attaining the age of superannuating. Such member on attaining the age of 60 years shall pay half of the subscription applicable to a Regular Member and he shall have the voting right.


b)  CANDIDATE MEMBERS:- Candidate Member will be those journalists who have freshly entered the profession of journalism and are entitled to become member as defined under the Memorandum of Association. Such members will remain candidate members for one year. After the expiry of one year, these members should apply for regular membership. Such members shall be granted Regular Membership as per rules of the Club. If they fail to apply for regular membership after the expiry of one year, they will automatically cease to be candidate members. However, they can seek candidate membership afresh.

The Candidate Members shall not to invited to the General Body Meetings and shall have no voting right. Such members shall, however, enjoy all other facilities and will follow the rules and regulation and pay all their dues to the Club.



c)  ASSOCIATE MEMBERS:- Persons whose principal evocation is not that of journalism but who contribute part time of the newspapers and drama critics, cartoonist and the related fields members of the central information service, management members of newspapers/news agencies, publishers, information and public relation officers of the state, central or corporate sectors, artists, writers, free-lance journalists, persons from the academies, executives of advertisement agencies accredited to the Indian Newspapers Society, present and former members of the Punjab Press Club. The Associate Members shall not have the voting right. The number of Associate Member Shall not to more than 50% of the number of Regular Members.


d)  HONORARY MEMBERS:- Persons of distinction who are invited by Governing Council to become Honorary Members of the Club for a period to be specified by the Governing Council. But the Governing Council shall ensure that such members are persons of eminence. Management, Artists, News Photographers and persons whose profession or business renders them act or potential news sources, or those who perform special services for Newspapers, News Agencies and persons who are working in the information services and journalistic services in the Government of India and other State Goverments or attached to any embassy or those whose principal work is to disseminate news, or persons who owing to personal distinction of public work are likely to be desirable members. The number of members in this classification shall be determined by the Governing Council. But at no time, the number shall exceed 90 percent of the number of regular members in the above classification.



The Governing Council of the Club can admit Corporate Members from time to time, subject to the following conditions:

            i)  The membership shall be open only to Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD) /Chairman/Managing Director/Executive Director/Chief Manager and businessman and Industrialist, Public relations, to subject to maximum of three members from a corporate body with satisfactory annual turnover; besides being registered under the Club Act.

            ii)  The decision of the Governing Council shall be final. No appeal lies against its decision of rejecting or accepting any application for membership.

            iii)  Each Corporate body shall pay an admission fee of Rs. 25000/- (Rupees Twenty five thousand only) and each corporate body so admitted shall pay a subscription of Rs. 100/- per member per month.

            iv)  Admission of Corporate members is not by right but at the discretion of the Governing Council.

All Bye-laws, rules and regulations of the Club shall be applicable to corporate members on the lines of Associate Members.

            v)  The spouses of deceased Regular Members who ask for membership shall be enrolled as Associate Members with the subscription fee applicable to the Regular Members, however, shall not contribute to the welfare fund and also will not have any voting rights.



3.  The eligible member fo any category will not be less than 18 yerars of age.

4. The rights and privileges of every member shall be personal to himself and not transferable, or transmissible by his own act or by operation of law.

5. Every candidate for membership shall be proposed by one and seconded by another member of the club (to both of them he shall be personally known) either of whom he shall furnish to the Secretary in writing a statement of the candidate’s past work, including the length of time during which he has been engaged in journalism, pictorial art, literature or musical composition, notifying the nature of his present employment and stating how long he has known the candidate.

6. Either the proposer, or the seconder, shall be prepared to attend, before the Council to support the candidate’s nomination if the Council so desires.

7.  The Council may in either discretion and without assinghing any reason thereof, decline to entertain any nomination.

8.  DATE FOR ENTERTAINING FRESH APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP : December 31 of each year shall be the cut-off date for entertaining applications for fresh membership of the Club. All the applications received by Demeber 31 shall be disposed of within one month.

9. In the event of any Regular Member ceasing to follow the journalistic or what is in the opinion of the Council a kindred profession, he shall notify the fact to the Governing Council, and the Council shall then decide whether the member shall continue as an Regular Member or shall become an Associate Member, or shall terminate his membership. Should an Regular Member neglect to notify the Secretary, it shall be competent for the committee to take such action as they deem fit.

            One calendar month’s notice shall be given to the member in question of the intention of the Council to consider his case.

10.  No member shall be absolved from the operation of the Memorandum and Articles of the Association or the Bye-laws for the time being in force on the plea of not having received a copy thereof.

11.  In the event of the candidate being elected and appearing subsequently at any time to the satisfaction of the Governing Council, that any statement contained in the letter of the proposal for membership given under Article 7 was incorrect in any material particular, or that any material particular was omitted therefrom, the Governing Council may cancel his election, and he shall thereupon ceases to be a member of the club, but may with the permission of the Governing Council be proposed and seconded again and if so proposed and seconded and duly elected, may at the discretion of the Governing Council be excused from payment of the admission fee, if any, payable by him if the same shall have already been paid.

12.  a)  Membership may be terminated in any of the following ways:


            i)   Resignation tendered by the member.

ii) Convictions by a court for an offence involving in the opinion of the  

     Governing Council of moral turpitude.

            iii) On the failure to pay debts due to the club his name has been posted for non-  


            iv)  On expulsion form the club.


        b) If any member shall refuse or neglect to comply with any provision of the Memorandum of the Association, or the Articles of the Association, or any Bye-laws made thereunder of shall be guilty of such conduct as the Governing Council considers likely to endanger the harmony, or affect the character or stability or interests of the club, such member shall be liable to expulsion by a resolution of the Governing Council, provided that not less than two thirds of the members of the Governing Council shall have voted in favour of the same, and provided also that at least fourteen days notice of the meeting is given, at which such resolution for his expulsion is intended to be moved, and that he shall at such meeting and before the passing of such resolution have had an opportunity of given such defense as he may think fit. It shall be in the power of the Governing Council to exclude such member from the club till such resolution has either been passed or rejected. On the passing of such resolution the member shall forthwith cease to be member of the club and shall not have any claim against the Governing Council of the Club. Any fee or subscription paid in advance after adjusting the same towards the dues by him shall be refundable. No appeal shall lie to the decision of the Governing Council.




                                                                                                            Subscription fee

                                                            Admission Fee                        Monthly Yearly


a) Regular Member                             Rs. 500/-                                  Rs. 50/-     Rs. 300/-

b) Regular Member

    60 years or above                            ---------                                     Rs. 25/-     Rs. 150/-

c) Associate Members                         Rs. 500/-                                  Rs. 50/-     Rs. 300/-

d) Candidate Members                       Rs. 500/-                                  Rs. 50/-     Rs. 300/-

e) Corporate Members                        Rs. 25000/-                              Rs.200/-    Rs. 2000/-


i)  All subscription for current financial year shall be payable on annual basis in advance by December 31 every year, failing which penalty of Rs.5 per month shall be charged.


ii) Only those regular members shall be entitled to take part in the elections who clear their dues (subscription and other bills) before the start to the poll process.


iii) Any member who fails to clear his subscription and other bills for 18 months at a stretch shall automatically ceases to be member of the Club. The membership of such defaulters may be revived after due scrutiny by the Disciplinary and Screening Committee/ Governing Council. But the member shall have to deposit the subscription and amount of other bills plus penalty thereon for 18 months, in addition to the admission fee applicable at that time.


iv) The Governing Council shall have the discretion to reject any application for the Corporate/ Associate members without assigning any reason. The decision of the Governing Council shall be final in the matter.


14.  The General Body at any time or from time to time may determine increase, reduce, alter, modify or vary the fees and subscriptions for the membership. The Governing Council shall have power to determine from time to time, Bye-laws, the terms and the conditions upon which the fees and subscription, specified in these Articles or any of them, shall be payable.



15.  The Club shall, in addition to any other meeting, hold one general meeting in every financial year.



16. The Governing Council shall on the requisition of such number of members of the Club as is specified in clause (iii) forthwith proceed duly to call an Extraordinay General Meeting of the Club.


                        i) The requisition shall set out the matters for the consideration of which the meeting is to be called,shall be signed by the requisitionists, and shall be deposited at the registered office of the club.


                         ii) The requisition may consist of several documents in like form each signed by one or more requisitionists.


                        iii) The number of members entitled to requisition a meeting in regard to any matter shall be such number of them as hold at the date of the deposit of the requisition, not less than one-tenth of the total voting power of all the members having at the said date a right to vote in regard to that matter.


                        iv) Where two or more distinct matters are specified in the requisition, the provision of clause 3 shall apply separately in regard to each such matter, and the requisition shall accordingly be valid only in respect of those matters in regard to which the condition specified in that clause fulfilled.


                        v)  If the Governing Council does not within twenty one days from the date of the deposite of a valid requisition in regard to any matters, proceed duly to call a meeting for the consideration of those matters on a day not later than forty-five days from the date of the deposit of the requisition, the meeting may be called by such of the requisition as represent not less than one-tenth of the total voting powers of all the members of the Club referred to in clause 3 above.


                        vi)  A meeting called under clause 3 by the requisitionists or any of them:-


                        a)  Shall be called in the same manner, as early as possible, as that in which the meetings are to be called by the Governing Council, but


                        b) Shall not be held after the expiration of three months from the date of the deposite of the requisition.


                        vii) Any reasonable expenses incurred by the requisitionists by reasons of the failure of the Governing Council duly to call a meeting shall be repaid to the requisitionists by the Club and any sum so repaid shall be retained by the Club out of any sums due or to become due from the Club by way of fees or other remuneration for their services to such of the office-bearers as were in default.


17.) For the purpose of requisitioning a meeting, member, members mean Regular members.



18.       i)  A general house meeting of the Club may be called after giving shorter notice than that specified if consent is accorded thereto.

            ii) In case of an annual general meeting by all the members entitled to vote thereto; and

            iii) In the case of any other meeting by members of the Club having no less than 60 percent of the total voting power exercisable at that meeting.


19.  Every regular member shall be entitled to vote for one candidate for the office of the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary-General and Treasurer respectively.


20.  All business shall be deemed special that is transacted at an extraordinary meeting and all that is transacted at an annual general meeting with the exception of the consideration of the accounts, balance sheets and the ordinary reports of the Governing Council and Auditors, the election of the Governing Council and other officers and the fixing of remuneration of the auditors.



21. The quorum for a general meeting shall be ten percent of the total number of the Regular Members.


22. The President with the consent of the meeting, may adjourn the meeting from time to time and from place to place, no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.


23. At any general meeting a resolution put to vote of the meeting shall unless poll is demanded under Article 40 be decided on a show of hands.


24. A declaration by the Chairman in pursuance of Article 40 that on a show of hands, a resolution has or has not been carried or either unanimously, or by a particular majority, and an entry to that effect in the books bontaining the minutes of the proceedings of the Club, shall be conclusive evidence of the fact, without proof of the number or proportion of the votes cast in favour of or against such resolution.


25.       i)  Before or on the declaration of the result of the voting on any resolution on a show of hands, a poll may be ordered to be taken by the Chairman of the meeting of his own motion and shall be ordered to be taken by him on a demand made in that behalf by any members present in person and having not less than 1/10 of the total voting power in respect of the resolution.


            ii)  The demand for a poll may be withdrawn at any time by the person or persons who made the demand.



26.  Every member of the club shall be entitled to receive notice of and to attend every general meeting of the club, but only regular members shall be entitled to vote there at. Subject as aforesaid, every member, shall on a show of hands and at a poll have one vote on all matters relating to the affairs of the club.


27.  The use of the proxies in relating to any matter concerning the affairs of the club is expressly forbidden.


28.  In the event of an equality of votes on any resolution put to a general meeting or managing committee meeting, the chairman shall have a destiny vote in addition to his ordinary vote.



29.  Any member who is more than three months is arrear with the payment of his subscription shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting.



30.  The business of the Club shall be managed by the Governing Council who may exercise all such powers of the Club as per the rules and regulations of the Club.


31.  The proper proceedings and affairs of the Club shall be managed by the GOVERNING COUNCIL which may exercise all such powers, and do all such acts and things as may be exercised or done by the Club, and as are not, by the Article of by Statue expressly or directly required to be done by the Club in General Meeting.


32. The Governing Council may meet together for the dispatch of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate its meetings as its members think fit. The members for the time being of the Council may act notwithstanding any vacancy in their body.


33. The Chairman or any member of the Council may, at any time, summon a special meeting of the Council It shall be necessary to give at least three-days notice in writing of any meeting of the Council and to state the nature of the business to be transacted thereat. The quorum for a meeting of the Governing Council shall be two-thirds of its total strength (any fraction contained in the two-thirds being rounded off as one or two, whichever is higher). In case the quorum is not present, the procedure regarding the general meeting as stated in article 35 shall govern Governing Council Meeting.


34.  A meeting of the Council at which a quorum is present shall be competent to exercise all or any of the authorities, powers and discretions by or in the Articles of Bye-laws vested in or exercisable by the Council generally.


35. The Council may delegate any of its powers and discretions to Sub-committees appointed from time to time by the Council, and may revoke the appointment of any Sub-committees as it thinks fit. Any Sub-committee so formed shall in the exercise of the powers so delegated confirm to any regulations that may from time to time be imposed upon it by the Council.


36.  Any action lawfully taken by the General Body or Council in accordance with the Articles and Bye-laws and in good faith shall not afterwards be impeached by any member of the Club on any grounds whatsoever, but shall be deemed to be an act of the Club.



(i)         The Governing Council has powers to sanction capital/non-capital expenditure to any extent, subject to availability of funds. However, before actually incurring such expenditure, all aspects should be taken into consideration.


(ii)        The President/General Secretary may spend upto Rs. 5000/- on any occasion on capital expenditure. They are also empowered to pass all bills on normal maintenance and operation of Club.


(iii)       Bad Debts:  The Governing Council is empowered to write off bad debts of up to the extent of Rs. 1500/-. But the debts exceeding this amount can only be written off with the approval of the General Body.



38.  President, Senior Vice-President one, Vice-Presidents not more than three, General Secretary one, Secretary not more than four, Joint Secretaries not more than three and Teasurer one. Besides, the Governing Council in its discretion may co-opt a women member as an office-bearer if no woman member contests the election and gets elected to the Governing Council. If any Women Welfare Committee is constituted by the President, the co-opted woman office-bearer can be made chairperson of this committee.



39.  Previous Governing Council will exist till new one comes into existence.




40.  The office-bearers of the Club shall be elected after five years by the Regular Members who otherwise qualify to take part in the elections for a tenure of 5 years and their elections will be held in General Body Meeting at least 15 days before the expiry of the tenure.


41.  No Candidate shall be eligible for election as an office-bearer of the Club who has not at the time of nomination, paid his/her subscription upto date, or who otherwise is monetarily indebted to the Club.


42.  No candidate shall be eligible for nomination to the Council of the Club who has not, at the time of nominations, paid his last bill in full or any other dues.




43.  PRESIDENT: The President-in-club shall primarily be responsible for the management of affairs of the Club in accordance with the Bye-laws and regulations of the Club and decision of the General Body and the General Council. The President will preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee of the Club. He will also have the powers to constitute the Committees regarding Bar, Catering, Screening and other committees as per the requirement of the Club.


44.  SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT: He will do all the functions as performed by the President in the absence of the President.




a)         They shall be responsible to the President for the overall administration of the Club and maintenance of discipline among all members as well as staff. They are also to assist the President in regard to the conduct of official functions.


b)         They are also to ensure that all members conduct themselves in proper manner in the Club premises and adhere to the orders on the Club discipline.





The internal administration and financial management of the Club shall be conducted and supervised by the General Secretary under the guidance of the President. All irregularities and a breach of the rules shall be checked by the Secretary-General. The General Secretary shall also be responsible to report the same to the Governing Council.

            He shall also be responsible for:

a) Satisfactory running of the Club.

b) Control of staff of the Club.

c) Correspondence: Dealing with all correspondence connected with the affairs of the Club.

d) Bills:  The preparation and collection of Club bills, Checking the daybook,






47.       TREASURER:

Accounts:  The correct and satisfactory maintenance of all accounts and for custody and accounting of all cash.


The duties of all other office bearers shall be assigned by the President of the Club with the consultation of Governing Council.




48. Fixed deposit of the Club, made by the Governing Council from time to time, can be encashed only with the approval of the general house of the Club for which approval of two-thirds of the total members present shall be required. In case of emergency, the notice for such an emergency meeting of the general house shall be 72 hours. However, if need be, the Governing Council shall be empowered to withdraw interest accrued on the fixed deposits or their maturity to meet any exigencies. The Governing Council may create an exigency fund from such accrued interest.


The Account of the Club shall be audited for the financial year through Charted Accountant. President have the right to appoint and terminate the C.A.




49.  Auditors shall be appointed and their duties regulated in accordance with Sections 224 and 227 of the Companies Act, 1956, or any statutory modifications hereof for the time being in force.




50.  (i)              A notice may be given by the Club to any member either personally or by sending it by post, courier or e-mail at him at his registered address.


(ii)        Where a notice is sent by post, courier or e-mail service, the notice shall be deemed to be effected by properly addressing preparing and posting a letter containing the notice and unless the contrary is  proved, to have been effected at the time at which the letter would be delivered in the ordinary course of post, courier or e-mail.


(iii)       The final decision shall be taken by the different committee (above committee) after consultation with the President, the decision of the President is final and binding without any explanation.


51.  FINANCIAL YEAR: The financial year of the Club shall be from April 1 to March 31 of the nest calendar year.


52.  Any Amount incurred on the collective welfare of the members and/ or on the smooth running of the Club shall be subject to the approval of the General House. The decision of the General House shall be final and binding on all members.




53. The Bye-laws of the Club shall be made and established by the Governing Council and shall be signed by the President as approved and a copy of such Bye-laws shall be sent to every member of the Club. Provided always that no Bye-laws shall have any validity, operation of effect if it amounts to or involves such an addition to or alternation of the Articles as could only Iawfully be made by a Special Resolution to be passed by the General Body.


54.  Subject to the provisions of these Articles, the Bye-laws of the Club may be rescinded, altered, amended or added to by a resolution of the Council. Provided, nevertheless, that the Bye-laws of the Club in so far as they related to the conditions for different categories of membership and the amount of the subscription and entrance fee payable by members of the Club, shall only be rescinded, altered, or amended, or added to, by a Resolution of the members at a General Meeting of the Club duly convened for the purpose.




55.  The Club shall have a Common Seal and the Governing Council shall provide for the safe custody of the same, and it shall only be used by the authority of the Council previously given, and in the presence of the members of the Council, one of whom shall be the Chairman or an officer of the Club who shall sign ever/ instrument, shall be countersigned by the Secretary General or some other person appointed by the Council. Similarly, the Club shall have its Own insignia.



Date                                                                            President/ General Secretary